Trump Still Hasn't Done Very Much

1. 2018 will be a very rough year for President TrumpDonald John TrumpDems flip Wisconsin state Senate seat Sessions: 'We should be like Canada' in how we take in immigrants GOP rep: 'Sheet metal and garbage' everywhere in Haiti MORE> — and almost-catastrophic for the Republican Party, which has morphed into the Trump Party;

2. Last week’s >Quinnipiac poll said it all: While 66 percent of the American people rate the economy as either “good or excellent,” only 36 percent approve of the job President Trump is doing;

3. Normally, a president’s approval rating tracks the rating of the economy: When the economy is struggling, so is the POTUS’ ratings. Conversely, previous presidents generally had their approval numbers go up when the economy went up;

4. But Trump’s behavior — his divisive, boastful, dishonest, egotistical, infantile, self-aggrandizing personality — has made it impossible for most people to give him any credit for anything;

5. This has now rubbed off on the Republican Party. Most polls now give Democrats a double-digit lead in >generic polling on the question, “Who do you want to control Congress in November?”

6. Such a sizable lead — more than 10 months out from a midterm election, and in an economy that 66 percent rate so well — shows that the driving force in 2018 is all anti-Trump. Period;

7. Of course, Trump is not on the ballot in 2018. So the Republican candidates will serve as Trump surrogate punching bags — and the voters will take their wrath out on them;

8. Thus, so many House GOP retirements; thus, so much money being raised by so many Democrat candidates; thus, so many impassioned female Democrat candidates running nationwide;

9. Clearly the GOP’s hope that the tax bill will spur even more economic growth and, thus, will mitigate the damage Trump himself is doing to their election chances is misguided; in fact, Trump’s recent behavior is actually growing even more toxic and negative;

10. The passion differential favors the Democrats because female voters, minority voters, young voters and independents are turning against Trump and the GOP in droves;

11. In virtually every election in 2017 — and now in the recent >special state senate race in Wisconsin — Democrat voters are turning out in high numbers;

12. 2018 is also going to be a bad year for Trump because he has no agenda — and couldn’t get it passed even if he did;

13. In his first year — despite his behavioral deficits — the GOP did get federal court appointments and Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch done; did confirm Cabinet officers who are now de-regulating; and did cut corporate taxes. These were all Trump campaign promises and, to his credit, he kept those promises;

14. But the GOP and President Trump failed — monumentally — at doing what they promised over four election cycles from 2010 to 2016: to replace ObamaCare with something better. That failure — along with Trump’s dyspeptic personality — is why the GOP has so little national support;

15. The 2017 agenda was traditional Republicanism;

16. But there is no agenda for 2018. In fact, the GOP-controlled Congress and Executive Branch cannot even pass a Continuing Resolution to keep the government open for a few weeks;

17. And, when asking the Democrats for some votes to help out, Trump goes and utters the “s---hole” comment and all hell breaks loose;

18. Two GOP senators (Tom CottonTom CottonMcCarthy: ‘No deadline on DACA’ DHS chief takes heat over Trump furor Lawmakers see shutdown’s odds rising MORE> of Arkansas, David Perdue of Georgia) impugn the integrity of the No. 2 Democrat in the Senate (Dick DurbinRichard (Dick) Joseph DurbinMcCarthy: ‘No deadline on DACA’ Ex-Sheriff David Clarke: Trump only one who 'cares about black American citizens' DHS chief takes heat over Trump furor MORE> of Illinois) and, thus, the atmosphere is severely poisoned, thereby hindering chances to work together on things like infrastructure and immigration;

19. Is this any way to run the government?

20. Trump was elected as a self-proclaimed “deal maker.” Really? After a year in office, can anyone name even one deal he has negotiated — or even one he successfully re-negotiated?

21. He cannot even get his own party to agree on either a health care plan (the No. 1 problem to a plurality of voters) or an immigration plan;

22. And Russia hasn’t even been mentioned yet;

23. The Mueller probe is clearly exerting huge pressure on Trump. It has eroded his “honesty and trustworthiness” in polling. Trump and his team has repeatedly changed their story: First, >asserting that no one from his campaign talked to or has anything to do with Russians. Oh, Really? “>100 percent,” the president was willing to talk to Mueller. Now it’s, there was “no collusion” so he >says “it seems unlikely that you’d even have an interview.”

24. “>This Russia thing,” as Trump called it after he fired FBI director James ComeyJames Brien ComeyIntel Dem decries White House 'gag order' after Bannon testimony 'Total free-for-all' as Bannon clashes with Intel members Mueller has subpoenaed Bannon in Russia probe: report MORE> last May, is a cancer eating away at the Trump presidency; 2018 will probably see it reach its conclusion;

25. We now know that the Paul ManafortPaul John Manafort'Total free-for-all' as Bannon clashes with Intel members Overnight Cybersecurity: Bipartisan bill aims to deter election interference | Russian hackers target Senate | House Intel panel subpoenas Bannon | DHS giving 'active defense' cyber tools to private sector Manafort associate Richard Gates no longer under home confinement MORE> and Rick Gates trials will >probably begin in September, just weeks before the November midterms, thus injecting the Russia investigation into the news on a daily basis just before the voting begins;

26. We also know that former Trump strategist Steve BannonStephen (Steve) Kevin BannonIntel Dem decries White House 'gag order' after Bannon testimony House Intel Dem: Bannon asserted ‘very novel’ definition of executive privilege during testimony The Hill's 12:30 Report MORE> is going to talk to the Mueller team — and, if you read "Fire and Fury," Bannon repeatedly tells the author that Trump is in deep trouble for “>money laundering” and that there was “treason” in the Trump campaign when it came to meeting with Russian agents in Trump Tower;

27. All of this means that 2018 looks bad for Trump — and hideous for the Republican Party;

28. Predictions for 2018: A.) Mueller will produce evidence of criminal wrongdoing by President Trump; B.) the Republican Party will get slaughtered in November.

John LeBoutillier, a former Republican congressman from New York, co-hosts ">Revolution - The Podcast," available on Soundcloud and iTunes.

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