World Environment Day: MediaCorp Kicks Off New Saving Gaia Campaign

SINGAPORE: MediaCorp’s green initiative Saving Gaia returned on Friday (Jun 5), World Environment Day, with a new campaign aiming to raise public awareness of environmental issues – as well as a new mascot.

In a news release, MediaCorp said a new mascot – Little Gaia – was created for the Saving Gaia campaign to convey the theme for this year’s campaign, which focuses on discouraging food wastage, reducing the use of plastic bags as well as littering or dumping waste in the sea. Little Gaia will be featured in this year’s ‘Save my World’ music video.

As a reminder for everyone to go green, the logos of MediaCorp’s key platforms, including television channels, websites and social media platforms will take on a green hue for 24 hours.

In June and July, MediaCorp’s television and radio platforms will also feature ‘green’ content to spread the message.

Besides broadcasting content to highlight environmental issues, MediaCorp has organised a beach clean-up for its staff volunteers at Pasir Ris Beach on Saturday. A second beach clean-up has been scheduled for September to coincide with International Coastal Cleanup Day as well.

“The campaign encourages us to think about our impact on the environment,” said MediaCorp’s Head of Brand & Communications Karen Yew. “People have the tendency to believe that someone else will come forward with a big solution to save our world, but we all need to act small and find pragmatic ways to fight climate change.”

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World Environment Day: MediaCorp kicks off new Saving Gaia campaign
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