WordPress Plugin Directory Restores Stats And Links To Older Versions Of Plugins

Since the launch of the newly redesigned WordPress plugin directory, the Meta team has been hard at work fixing bugs and updating the design. The directory has undergone a series of visual updates that address some of the concerns readers expressed last week.

The number of active installs, tested up to WordPress version, and author information has been restored to the plugin card view. Previously, this information was only available on the plugin’s single page view.

Plugin stats are available to the public again and can be viewed by clicking the Advanced View link.

Advanced View Link
Advanced View Link
Stats For Plugins
Stats For Plugins

Links to previous versions can also be found on the stats page along with a disclaimer that says older versions may not be stable or secure.

Drop-down Menu to Download Older Versions
Drop-down Menu to Download Older Versions

The installation instructions have also returned as a drop-down section.

Installation Instructions
Installation Instructions

These changes bring the directory closer to the usefulness its predecessor provided. Some of the issues that remain include, read more links, distorted plugin banner images, and screenshots linking to a page instead of opening in a lightbox. Although some plugin banners are distorted, the Meta team does not recommend developers update them as the new dimensions have not been finalized.

The plugin directory is a work in progress. To report a bug or enhancement, you can create a ticket on Trac. If you have any questions concerning the directory or would like to get more involved, visit #meta on Slack.

Correction: April 17th, 2017 Although the number of active installs, tested up to WordPress version, and author information was removed during the mockups phase, the redesign at launch included this information.

Source : https://wptavern.com/wordpress-plugin-directory-restores-stats-and-links-to-older-versions-of-plugins

WordPress Plugin Directory Restores Stats and Links to Older Versions of Plugins
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