With Or Without Amazon, Old Post Office Site Is Ready For Its Comeback

The former old main post office, among Chicago’s most long-awaited and significant downtown redevelopment projects, doesn’t need Amazon’s stamp of approval.

But getting it would sure be nice.

While undergoing a $600 million rehab, the massive art deco complex and adjacent area is expected to be on the list of sites Chicago’s City Hall presents to Amazon, which is scouring the nation in search of a home for its second headquarters.

Yet with or without Amazon, the old post office’s rebirth promises to be one of the most economically vital and far-reaching development projects to emerge from the city’s current downtown building boom.

Source : http://www.chicagotribune.com/business/columnists/reed/ct-biz-old-post-office-comeback-robert-reed-1005-story.html

With or without Amazon, old post office site is ready for its comeback
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