Why Did The Stormtroopers Kill Owen And Beru And Then Burn Their Corpses

A movie ostensibly made for children, from the point of view of a child, which is fine and dandy. But the second of the two Ewoks movies opens up the movie on a downer ending. While Star Wars may have featured the charred corpses of Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru, Ewoks: The Battle for Endor shows a girl's family slaughtered before her very eyes. Her mother, her brother, and her father are all killed by marauders, though Breakfast Club fans may take heart in watching Paul Gleason get roasted by blasters. The Ewoks are kidnapped as their village is burnt down. Many die.

That's the first 10 minutes. The rest similarly can't quite find the balance between horrific (often implied) violence and cutesy child-friendly fair. The film and its predecessor Caravan of Courage were implied to take place sometime before Return of the Jedi, though that doesn't quite account for the Ewoks seemingly forgetting everything they'd learned of humans and the Basic language.

Of course, no one was truly allowed to forget the movies, as the main character Cindel still found a way into the Expanded Universe.

Source : http://www.popularmechanics.com/culture/movies/g2363/these-star-wars-clips-are-straight-out-of-the-sarlacc-pit/

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