Why Lieberman Might Make Sense For Trump

I have known President Clinton and Secretary Clinton for a long time. I met them when they were at Yale Law School in the early ’70s. I was already out a couple of years, but I was in New Haven. I really got to know him better. I was an early Bill Clinton supporter in ’91 and ’92. I’m proud of his presidency. Hillary, I served with, of course, for eight years in the Senate. She was a very good colleague. I thought she was a very good senator. I thought that she showed, as a senator, her ability to work across party lines. My impression was that she really reached out a lot to co-sponsor legislation with Republicans. When she was the secretary of state, even though I had some differences on foreign policy with the Obama administration, she regularly kept in touch with people like me and even people like [John] McCain and [Lindsey] Graham. I say even because they’re Republicans. I think she’s quite capable. I don’t agree with every position she’s taken in this campaign. I believe in free trade, fair trade. There are other things that we probably have disagreed on, but I respect her a lot. There you go.

Source : http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/interrogation/2016/06/joe_lieberman_former_senator_discusses_donald_trump_hillary_clinton_and.html

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