Why 2017 Was The Best Year In Human History

We’re doing this again, huh?

Last summer, Cristiano Ronaldo began to walk toward the exit of the Santiago Bernabéu. He even turned the door handle—only to, and I’m guessing here, realize that, along with the value of the British pound, his scoring rate was about to plummet. Brexit has consequences, and so does trading Marcelo for Ashley Young. Although Spanish authorities dogged him for the (reported) €14.8 million he hid in a shell company in the British Virgin Islands, he eventually came back to Spain after a summer vacation ready to … uh, oh boy.

Halfway through the La Liga season, Real Madrid have already dropped more points than they did in the entirety of the previous campaign. They’re currently in fourth place, closer to the relegation zone (16 points) than to first-place Barcelona (19 points). As for the Champions League, where they’re back-to-back defending champs, a second-place group-stage finish dropped them into a coinflip Round of 16 matchup with Paris Saint-Germain. One or two bad results and the season will be over before St. Patrick’s Day.

Sure enough, a handful of anonymous sources are now saying that Ronaldo wants out of Madrid again. According to a report from ESPN’s Dermot Corrigan, Ronaldo feels betrayed that he still hasn’t been offered a new contract while Lionel Messi just signed a new deal that, reportedly, will pay him at least €100 million per season. Meanwhile, the 32-year-old Ronaldo currently makes around €21 million per year on a deal that expires in 2021.

Within the accepted constraints of aging and its deleterious effects on the functioning of the human body, a club handing such a lucrative contract to a player who will be 36 years old by the end of it is absurd. To then extend and inflate that deal would be naked self-sabotage.

Of course, applying preconceived notions of human fallibility to Ronaldo has long been a futile exercise. His game has changed, and his age hasn’t mattered: He won the Ballon d’Or last year and the year before. But then this season happened.

Say what, Real Madrid fans? pic.twitter.com/DlD2EzAWUk

— B/R Football (@brfootball) January 18, 2018

Source : https://www.theringer.com/2018/1/19/16907082/soccer-cristiano-ronaldo-real-madrid-la-liga-struggles-transfers

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