Whataburger Billboard Behind In N Out Causes Social Media Stir

From Twitter user @BuddyXXVII


A billboard advertising Texas fast-food chain Whataburger in San Marcos has a location too convenient to be a coincidence--right next to the city's In-N-Out location.

Twitter user @BuddyXXVII posted an image of the billboard behind In-N-Out's sign last August along with a message saying, "funny how there's a Whataburger billboard right behind In-N-Out."

funny how there's a Whataburger billboard right behind In-N-Out pic.twitter.com/fHv5fdVWe9

— MΔLIK † (@BuddyXXVII) August 3, 2017

Since then, other Twitter users have weighed in on Whataburger's "trolling."

Omg @whataburger is so petty for putting a billboard right above in n out in San Marcos

— Niall Horan Expert | Ambrie Nicole Smith (@nialleyray) September 1, 2017

the Whataburger billboard next to In-N-Out is really the level of petty i aspire to be

— danger noodle (@likeabri6) October 24, 2017

The Whataburger billboard placed directly in front of the in-n-out drive thru really makes you feel like a traitor

— Amy Thornton (@Amyy_Thornton) December 18, 2017

Whataburger putting up a billboard right next to the in-and-out in San Marcos is such a power move

— Ben Brown (@brownben93) December 25, 2017

The rivalry between the two fast-food chains frequently makes headlines. In June, a report by market research company 1010data found that Whataburger sells more food and has a more loyal fanbase than In-N-Out. 

In October, a Business Insider study concluded that In-N-Out was the most popular fast food chain in the Lone Star State.

In-N-Out has been encroaching into Texas since 2011. The San Marcos location opened its doors last June. 

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