What To Know About White Spots In The Throat

What’s being dubbed a peaceful transition of power fully got underway as President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle welcomed Donald and Melania Trump to the White House this morning. 

Before the foursome headed inside 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. for coffee, the soon-to-be first lady handed the outgoing first lady an instantly recognizable gift: a blue Tiffany & Co. box. Tiffany, of course, is a neighbor of the Trumps in New York.

An awkward moment ensued when Michelle didn’t know quite what to do with her gift, and the moment was instantly circulated on social media as moments like these usually are.

Source : http://www.metro.us/news/what-s-in-the-tiffany-box/zsJqat---5ZVqeipW4KzGU/

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