What Could It Possibly Mean For Trump To Say He Believes Putin?

(Tom Toles)

If ever there was a real-life conundrum equivalent to the paradoxical sentence “I always lie,” it’s when President Trump says he believes Vladimir Putin.

What does it mean? What CAN it mean? Here we have two known liars, who are enemies, or friends, or accomplices, who lead countries that are in a highly adversarial relationship, but one of whom is known to have aided the other, with or without the other’s knowledge and/or active cooperation, not because he liked the other, but just to derail and demolish American democracy, a project that is well underway.

“I really believe… he means it,” declared Trump, when Putin denied the facts known to Trump, and then he went on to add that Putin is insulted by being questioned about it. Imagine!

Imagine is all you can do, because trying to follow a trail of reality through this formulation is like trying to find your way home after the birds ate all the breadcrumbs you left as a trail.

At best you are left with mulling possibilities, since the assertions, as made, don’t make a particle of sense. U.S. intelligence agencies have said that the Russians interfered in our election. So either Trump doesn’t believe that, or he believes that Putin didn’t know about what his own intelligence services were up to, or Putin doesn’t believe HIS intelligence services, or Trump is lying when he says he believes Putin’s lies to be true. Got that?

So what are the possibilities? Trump is acting like Putin has something on him. Why else would Trump continue to cut slack for an adversarial leader known to have attacked our election process? But Trump denies that Putin has anything on him! How to resolve this? I know, let’s ask Putin whether Putin believes Trump when Trump denies Putin has anything on him. And then check back with Trump to verify.

The one certainty is that we have left the world of reality as we used to know it, and this is what Putin wanted. I believe.

Source : https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/opinions/wp/2017/11/14/what-could-it-possibly-mean-for-trump-to-say-he-believes-putin/

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