Vatican Official Attacks U.S. Democrats As “party Of Death”

I agree with the Catholic church taking a stand on this abortion issue. Someone needs to stand up and it’s about time. Too bad the priests are afraid to get up on the pulpit and tell us like it is. War is wrong, but we need to protect our children from attacks and be proactive, not hide and wait to be attacked by those who hate us and hate freedom. Voting Democratic right now is certainly going to limit our freedoms that we so love as we get ready for the world of socialism. Abortionists will no doubt be paid less for abortions since the government will be in control of health care, therefore, the less qualified physicians will be preforming these. Maybe that’s a good thing. More deaths to our nations youth and daughters in the name of socialism. Less and less doctors will be available to perform these, because their pay rates will be controlled by the government and there is not a lot of money are praise to doctors who are supposed to pledge “First do no harm” before they are given docter privileges. We need to protect our girls from evil. Abortion is an evil act. If you have had an abortion and feel great about it there is something wrong with you. It’s great to say it’s no big deal, but the truth is there are walking wounded out there who have suffered due to an abortion. I believe having pro-life candidates is a FOR SURE sign to try and fix the flaws of abortion rights. One of these candidates has a downsyndrome child. Could this be a sign from God that we better listen as Catholics and we better stop picking and chosing what we like most about being Catholic. Will they reverse the rules on abortion? Most likely not, but I do hope and pray then when I turn my Republican vote in that they will start putting up major restrictions and or abolish this act together. It scares me that my daughter can go with out my knowledge and obtain an abortion as young as 15.

Girls can get an abortion without mom or dad knowing it as long as they can scrape up the money. They are using abortion as a birth control method. Planned Parenthood would like you to think that they are doing all they can to prevent abortions with counseling, but this is just not true. Abortion is not birth control but it sure is being used as such. Girls are immature and just trying to get out of an unplanned pregnancy so they don’t have to face mom and dad. What about the boy’s family? They are left completely out of the picture. Let’s face it, it’s big business at the expense of our American population. Now, if my daughter was raped and became pregnant it would be difficult for me to have her go through with the pregnancy, however the child is not evil- the act is. I am not sure what I would do because this child is my own relative and not a frog to be squashed without some thought. However, the majority of abortions are not the result of rape or incest. This is my potential grandchild missing. Who could this person have been? These children may be adopted- and our current adoption policies indeed are so messed up, Americans would rather adopt from China than here. That’s another issue. The laws need to be revamped to help these American women who deep down would like to keep their baby or see it adopted and feel good about doing the right thing, but cannot afford it. I would happily pay taxes to support this. I guess my point is, abortion is being used as birth control by girls behind their mother’s backs for girls between the ages of 15-20. Abortion just encourages irresponsability and way to get out of being stupid. This is wrong. What is happening to our country when a girl can go and do this without the counsel of a caring adult? Obama thinks its cool that they have a choice and openly ADMITS it. If our president thinks abortion is cool, him (Obama) being the biggest role model of the country, then why are we surprised that our youth are so messed up? They need to look up to someone who has morals. By the way if you are treated in the hospital shortly after a rape, pregnancy can be prevented with proper care. Inner city girls are getting abortions because they are not being parented or lack parents, or any type of proper sex education, or encouraged to keep themselves safe by not having sex at all. The public school system needs to encourage purity for the sake of these girls, put counselors in place in high schools so they can be helped. These are our future adults and mothers. We simply are too busy and too accepting of abortion as the status quo and have closed our eyes. We should be protecting our future population and the mental health of our girls of this country. As a Catholic this is obvious to me. We need to protect our American daughters not only from an unwanted pregnancy, but from the spread of disease. But no, this would be too moral and God like. God wants us to be happy, which is why purity is in the Bible and taught in religion class. I would like to think that He encourages purity because he does not want to see the spirit suffer from the mental anguish that occurs shortly after the abortion or many years later, when these girls marry and have see their baby’s faces and wonder…what have I done? Our youth need our help. Catholic adults voting for Obama are committing a sin and voting for EVIL. Our nation’s children should come first which is why I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree and am warmed by this Bishops comments. These children of ours need to be counseled which our country severely lacks because we have taken God out of our schools, listened to the liberal agenda serving the needs of sinners. The 10 commandments are a general unknown to our youth unless parents are actively talking their children about what is right and what is wrong. Something to think about when you vote for a someone so for abortion as Obama is and WHOLEHEARTED endorses killing a baby that has unbelievably survived a botched abortion. I guess he doesn’t care if his daughters decide to engage in this behind his back. He is a senator first and a father second and supposedly has no problem with his daughter being on an abortion table. Now, we are paying the price for all the murderous abortions with our failed economy. It’s all about money and that’s how God is trying to get our attention. God is watching. Do you care?

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