US Launches Strike On Syria How It Unfolded

Qusai Zakaria, is a Syrian activist who survived the chemical weapons attack in Moadamiya in 2013.

Ruth Sherlock was speaking with him when he found out that Donald Trump had launched the missile strike against the military base.

"Oh my dear god. Oh my God. Thank you so much!" he said, over and over. "I am going to name my son Donald, if I have one. This man is a hero. He has balls."

"This is will give people hope. It's all about hope. This is a game changer; it's a new era that shows that America will actually do something. It shows there are real red lines in Syria."

"Like Donald Trump says; 'This is huge'."

Mr Zakaria said he believed that the chemical attack in Idlib had been part of a new effort to take back this area, one of the last remaining rebel bastions in Syria. 

He said the regime had been trying to "spread terror" with the weapon, and so cause opponents to flee the country.

He said in the days leading up to the attack, the regime had dropped some chlorine gas bombs in the area. "They were testing the waters," he said. 

"These were small attacks but they wanted to see how the Trump administration reacted," he said. 

When Rex Tillerson, the secretary of state, said last week that the Syrian people should be left to decide whether to keep Assad, Mr Zakaria said, the regime took that to mean that the US didn't care. 

"A few days later they translated this belief into action on the ground with chemical weapons. It's a weapon of terror and sent an obvious message inside and outside of Syria that the regime is still here. That it feels it can do anything."

If Mr Trump had not launched this attack, Mr Zakaria said, they were going to "turn Idlib into a slaughter house". 

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