Two M’sian Friends Are Cycling To The Seven Modern Wonders Of The World To Fight Cancer

David Wu was showered with praises and applause last year when he cycled 4,000km from Alor Setar to China, to help generate monetary funds to repair homes for the needy under his self-initiated project called, ‘Projek Wumah 2.’

The 50-year-old businessman then embarked on another noble mission, as he plans to cycle across the Seven Modern Wonders of the World along with his cycling buddy, Ving Lee, in hopes of garnering RM5mil for the children diagnosed with cancer.

Wu shared with The Star that the cycling duo began their commendable journey, aptly named ‘Seven Wunders,’ on August 31 (Merdeka day) and are scheduled to return to Malaysian soil in 2019.

“In all honesty, we can’t be too sure ourselves but I think a couple of years, give or take, sounds about right. With any luck, we should return home sometime late in 2019. Hopefully,” he opined.

According to The Star, Wu and Lee will be travelling to all Seven Modern Wonders of the World by bicycle, with the list consisting of Taj Mahal, India; Petra, Jordan; The Colosseum, Italy; Christ The Redeemer, Brazil; Machu Picchu, Peru; Chichen Itza, Mexico; and The Great Wall of China.

“A visit to the Great Pyramids in Egypt is also scheduled as a bonus destination,” Wu further elaborated of their adventure.

While the lads still have plenty of kilometres to cover, Wu shared with The Star that they are currently in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh in India – making the total travelling distance (from Kuala Lumpur) 6,000km thus far.

In fact, at that time when the English daily contacted Wu, he stressed that both he and Lee are roughly 330km away from setting foot on their first modern world landmark, the Taj Mahal, and are expected to arrive at India’s symbol of love on December 25.

“We have been on the road for over 100 days now and we expect to cover about 40,000km across some 40 countries for the entire journey,” he relayed to The Star.

“On a more serious note, I think most people dream of doing something totally outrageous at least once in their lifetime and I’m no different,” he deduced when asked about his motivation behind the noble mission, whilst jokingly adding “mid-life” crisis.

As to why he chose to fight for cancer, Wu revealed the heart rendering reality where his beloved sister had died of cancer in 2014.

“Ultimately, I chose childhood cancer as our cause and set out to form a plan of action. Why childhood cancer?

“Well, there can’t be that many more compelling charities to give to and all we ask of the public is one ringgit each,” he pointed and humbly shared that ‘Seven Wunders’ have garnered a whopping RM50,000 thus far.

With the two lads cycling for a noble cause, Malaysians can follow their journey via Facebook and Instagram, while donations can be channelled to the National Cancer Society of Malaysia through its

Public Bank


3988 5876 22

, with the reference ‘Ride For Gold.’

Malaysians can also opt to channel their donation online here.

“All monies raised by this initiative will be channelled solely and exclusively towards the National Cancer Society of Malaysia’s Children’s Home Of Hope, which is the facility that supports the care of underprivileged young patients from outside Kuala Lumpur as well as their caregivers during their stay in the city for treatment,” Wu assured.

- Malaysian Digest

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Two M’sian Friends Are Cycling To The Seven Modern Wonders Of The World To Fight Cancer
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