Trump: The Divider In Chief

Trump’s ongoing attempt to demonize Muslims, Nov. 30

With all the divisive comments and anti-Muslim retweets from U.S. President Donald Trump in the news today, on top of all his racism-tinged statements over the past 11 months, he can now assume his true title: The Divider in Chief.

A Divider in Chief that now seems to play from the exact divide-and-conquer playbook as Vladimir Putin and the FSB, a Kremlin playbook that was exposed during and after the 2016 presidential election. The Kremlin has been using these techniques to create division for decades and now have a pawn in Trump, who will do anything to win, including used this playbook to a tee.

We all should have seen it coming when Trump first divided up the “conspiracy theorists” from the rest of the pack with his supporting then leading the “Birther Movement.” He then parceled out Republicans that disliked Obamacare and Barack Obama himself. He then convinced the disenchanted that America wasn’t so great anymore with the constant theme of how poor the country’s economy, trade deals and job loss to foreign markets have become, and chanted relentlessly that he, and only he, could make it great again.

After dividing and conquering the Republican Party, he found a new segment to part from the crowd the white apolitical, who have never really been courted and were primed to be conquered with divisive nationalistic rhetoric and who came out in droves and voted for him.

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