Trump Staffer Admits To Including Obama Phrasing In Melania's Speech

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Trump staffer admits to including Obama phrasing in Melania's speech
Trump staffer responsible for Melania's speech is a Democrat
Donald Trump staffer admits plagiarism mistake in Melania Trump speech
Melania Trump speechwriter admits 'mistake' in lifting Michelle Obama lines
Melania Trump plagiarism row: Staffer admits role in speech
Staffer: 'Mistake' led to Trump speech kerfuffle
Trump Staffer Offers Resignation Over Melania's Speech Plagiarism That Manafort Said Didn't Happen
Melania Trump Speechwriter Admits Part of Convention Speech Was Taken from Michelle Obama
Trump employee admits she DID plagiarize Michelle after Melania read her favorite bits over the phone as it's revealed she is a registered Democrat