Trump Just Killed Obama's Internet Privacy Rules — Here's What That Means For You

Congress could create the consistent framework many Republicans want by creating a set of rules for how ISPs and internet companies treat customer data, but given the GOP's repeated desire to return privacy regulation to the FTC, though, that seems unlikely.

Pai has said he wants to create a privacy framework for ISPs that effectively puts them back in line with the FTC rules that govern Google, Facebook, and the like. How far he could go in doing that after the CRA is unclear, though. Since the sections of the Communications Act that allow the FCC to review privacy policies make no mention of data about web browsing and app usage, those provisions likely could not be made opt-in by default.

Where things might get complicated for ISPs is on a state level. The New York Times reported last week that a handful of states had started considering legislation that would require ISPs to get opt-in consent before sharing web-browsing, app-usage, and other personal information. One such bill has been approved by Minnesota's House and Senate already.

If things like this get far enough, it could pressure more ISPs into making opting in the norm across the country to avoid a headache.

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Trump just killed Obama's internet-privacy rules — here's what that means for you
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Trump just killed Obama’s internet privacy rules — here’s what that means for you