Trump Inauguration Took $1 Million From Russian Businessman Whose Money The RNC Rejected In 2000

President Donald Trump’s inauguration accepted a big donation from a Russian-American businessman whose ties to Russian state-owned companies forced the Republican National Committee to return a $250,000 check he sent them in 2000.

In a >Wall Street Journal report on the big donors who paid for Trump’s inauguration, the publication notes that Trump’s inauguration fund received $1 million from Alexander Shustorovich, a businessman who has drawn controversy over his relationships with Russian government officials and state-owned businesses.

In fact, the Journal notes that Shustorovich’s ties to Russian oligarchs “prompted the U.S. to refuse to allow him to be part of a uranium deal two decades ago, on national-security grounds” and also “led the Republican National Committee to return a $250,000 check from him in 2000.”

“The determination was made that the funds in question weren’t worth the trouble,” former RNC spokesman Terry Holt told the >Journal back in 2000.

In total, Trump’s inauguration fund raised a record $106 million, which nonetheless couldn’t help the president draw the record crowds that former President Barack Obama got back in 2009.

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Trump inauguration took $1 million from Russian businessman whose money the RNC rejected in 2000
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