Trump To Sign Executive Order Overhauling ACA

President Trump turned his sabotage of the Affordable Care Act up to top volume Thursday, chiefly by issuing an executive order instructing three major federal agencies to look into ways to siphon healthy people out of the ACA exchanges. Combined with a second order ending federal payments to insurers to cover deductibles and co-pays for low-income households, the executive order marked a black day for the American healthcare system.

The executive order in particular could do major damage to the healthcare market — but not in the way that many people anticipate. If fully implemented, it’s true, the order is likely to lead to higher premiums in the future for hundreds of thousands of Americans and fewer consumer protections for millions of others, many of whom won’t know what they’ve lost until they need it.

But the more significant damage may well be a loss of confidence in the system among insurers and customers. That effect would become magnified over time. Without intercession by Congress, the American healthcare landscape would move back toward what it was before the ACA was enacted in 2010.

>By itself, this executive order is rather less than meets the eye. It does not engage in actual deregulation or reform of any kind — Conservative economist Yuval Levin

That was a fragmented system in which most people got their health coverage from employers; another large segment relied on government programs, especially Medicare and Medicaid; and the remainder were stuck in the individual market. In the new world, the latter group would be further split between those eligible for government subsidies, who would do all right, and those earning too much to get subsidies, who would be creamed.

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