Trump Team Disgracefulness Power Rankings Family Edition

DeVos on Monday hid in her office, or somewhere, while three nice career officials of the Department of Education sat on the stage of the building’s auditorium and listened to advocates for students (including me) harangue them about DeVos’s announced plan to delay and dismantle Obama-era rules to hold predatory for-profit colleges accountable for ripping off taxpayers and ruining students’ lives. The staff also heard various for-profit college operators get up at the hearing and claim, among other things, that the rules aren’t needed because all the crooked for-profit colleges have shut down, leaving in place only honest mom and pop shops like the University of Phoenix, EDMC, Career Education Corp., and Bridgepoint Education, the former employer of DeVos’s senior counsel Robert Eitel. The entitled owners kept complaining that Department rules governing schools that get taxpayer dollars are too onerous, and I guess proved it when several kept talking after the Department panel told them their allotted five minutes were up.

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Trump Team Disgracefulness Power Rankings -- Family Edition
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Trump Team Disgracefulness Power Rankings