Trump Says Putin Again Denied Election Meddling After Meeting At Asia Summit

When will all the haters and fools out there realize that having a good relationship with Russia is a good thing, not a bad thing. There always playing politics - bad for our country. I want to solve North Korea, Syria, Ukraine, terrorism, and Russia can greatly help!

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Trump says he believes Putin's election meddling denials
President Trump says he believes Vladimir Putin after he again denied interfering in 2016 U.S. election
Trump 'pressed' Putin on election meddling but he denied it, Rex Tillerson says
G20 Summit: Putin denied election meddling in meeting with Trump, says US Secretary of State
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Donald Trump says Vladimir Putin again denied election meddling
Trump says he trusts Putin's denials of election meddling
Trump says Putin again denied election meddling
Trump Says He Believes Putin’s Denials of Meddling in U.S. Election
Trump says he trusts Putin’s denials of election meddling