The Most Disturbing Thing About The Cowboys' 2017 Season

What do you think would happen to Dez if he refuses to take a pay cut?

Jon Machota: If the Cowboys ask Dez to take a pay cut and he refuses, Dallas could then cut him, allowing him to sign with any team. The teams with the most salary cap space that could use a receiver are the 49ers and Jets. I can't really picture Dez playing for either team, but I also didn't picture DeMarcus Ware playing in Denver, so I guess you never know.

What was the most disturbing thing about the Cowboys season?

Jon Machota: That all of their receivers saw their numbers drop off. It's hard to believe they all just fell off at the same time. That's the biggest thing that needs to be fixed in the offseason. You would think having Ezekiel Elliott for 16 games would help.


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The most disturbing thing about the Cowboys' 2017 season
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