The Real Gifts Of The Holiday Season At Nationwide Healthcare Services, Inc

The Real Gifts of the Holiday Season At Nationwide Healthcare Services, Inc.

January 10, 2017. Emerging from the holiday season, there is a special kind of sentimental longing that descends upon as we step into a New Year and return to the less festive tasks of everyday living.

Privileged to attend the season’s programming at our

Nationwide Healthcare Services centers in Pennsylvania and Delaware, each of them featuring activities and special events tailored to the Residents needs and religious observances, and carefully timed to allow for their family members to participate, my post-holiday reverie quickly settles in the transcending nature of kindness: How it not only makes things happen – it casts a glow on everything it touches.

Case in point: it was brought to my attention that Nationwide’s newest facility was in need of holiday decorations – and Christmas trees. A text to the CEO of Nationwide Healthcare Services, brought back a quick response: “Yes.” No hesitation on his behalf to provide everything the Residents needed to bring in the holiday spirit to their environment.

One experiences the uniqueness of each facility’s’ personality upon entering as an intimate boutique setting with a homelike environment full of compassion and care.

At the lobby of another facility, there stood a group of homeschooled students who came to carol –

for the fifth year. Standing at the back, the Activities Director proudly listened to the parent leading the group who, learning well from previous visits, addressed the children saying “some people will be in wheelchairs or may not speak, but it is okay to give a hug and share a smile”.

Then a truckload delivery of personalized gifts for every Resident arrived from a local power company – not for one but

two Nationwide Centers!

And how could we experience the Holiday season without Santa? He arrived to deliver gifts to each Resident during a holiday party. The gifts, mind you, were provided by “angels”: Nationwide TEAM* members who chose a Resident from the “angel tree”, purchased a gift, and wrapped it. Visibly moved by the thoughtful gift of socks from his homeland, one of the Residents was actually brought to joyful tears.

Yet at another facility,

Residents were empowered to give back to the community: cards were made for the local police and fire departments, and items knitted by the Residents themselves were given to a homeless shelter.

Indeed, everyday of the year, each of the Nationwide centers bustles with a flurry of activity: the shifts of TEAM* members coming and going to care for the Residents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year; physicians and medical specialists, therapists, ambulance crews, social workers, family members, caring friends. What is remarkable, is that during the holiday season the TEAM* members at each facility successfully weave in a harmonious counterpart to the everyday bustle that includes mail carriers, deliveries, volunteers, performers, and out of town family and friends paying a visit to their loved ones: A carefully planned and harmonious choreography that points to the

core values and exemplary care distinctive of Nationwide Healthcare Services.

Recalling the sea of gifts at each facility, some of them neatly wrapped and some of them just walking through the door flashing a smile, I am brought back to one of the greatest gifts of this season: Watching the Nativity performed by the TEAM* members and Residents at a facility. Standing next to a Resident who is not verbal, she began to move in her chair holding out her hand, as she seemed to take in the story of the Nativity. Reaching out to her, she extended her hand to touch mine, affectionately squeezing it. Hand in hand, transported by the Nativity, fully present and connecting in the moment, we watched the rest of the performance.

In an industry of ever-changing regulations, care needs, compliancy, insurances, and technology; at times feeling spread thin and running hard, this personal moment of reflection points to

the fabric that holds it all together: the abiding compassion we bring to our Residents every day of the year – and the priceless gift of knowing we have made a positive difference in their lives.

TEAM * is the core of Nationwide’s success: Together Everyone Accomplishes More.

For more information about Nationwide Healthcare Services, Inc. please contact Meg Judson, M.H.A., Corporate Director of Business Development Nationwide Healthcare Services, Inc. at [email protected].

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The Real Gifts of the Holiday Season At Nationwide Healthcare Services, Inc.
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