The Perfect Dale Earnhardt Jr. Retirement Gift? A New Redskins Blazer

Throughout his last season in the NASCAR Cup Series, Dale Earnhardt Jr. received some incredible retirement gifts — from a Revolutionary War musket to a car to pickles.

But his most recent one might end up being his favorite. Thanks to NASCAR’s Steve Luvender and the man known only as @nascarcasm, Earnhardt now has this ridiculously hideous but amazingly perfect Redskins jacket. What else would you get for Washington’s biggest fan?

Here @DaleJr reads the heartfelt letter from @nascarcasm and @steveluvender and tries on a retirement gift from the team — a horrendously awesome @Redskins sport coat.

— Mike Davis (@MikeDavis88) January 4, 2018

As Junior’s wife, Amy Earnhardt, pointed out, it goes nicely with his Reagan/Bush 1984 campaign t-shirt.

There’s a good chance Earnhardt will get a lot of use out of this compared with many of his other retirement gifts, and if NBC decides to use him for more than racing coverage next season, perhaps it will even make it on TV.

@nascarcasm You shouldn’t have

— Amy Earnhardt (@AmyEarnhardt) January 4, 2018

Best gift ever! @steveluvender @nascarcasm

— Ralph Dale Earnhardt Jr. (@DaleJr) January 4, 2018

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