The Perfect Dale Earnhardt Jr. Retirement Gift? A New Redskins Blazer

@nascarcasm You shouldn’t have

— Amy Earnhardt (@AmyEarnhardt) January 4, 2018

When Dale Earnhardt Jr. planned his retirement at the end of the 2017 season, the folks at reached out to their Twitter followers asking for suggestions to gift him some retirment items that fell under $88, a fun play on his car’s signature number.

Of the several items that fans offered, only one could truly embody the spirit and economy of this project – a Redskins blazer.

Properly called a Redskins business jacket on eBay, where it was found, the writers located a repeating logo pattern for Earnhardt’s favorite team that was priced below $30. The listing on eBay describes the jacket as ugly, but Earnhardt clearly doesn’t think so.

Upon opening his gift Thursday, he immediately put it on and walked out ready to grab lunch. His wife, Amy, was a little less than excited about that idea.

Here @DaleJr reads the heartfelt letter from @nascarcasm and @steveluvender and tries on a retirement gift from the team — a horrendously awesome @Redskins sport coat.

— Mike Davis (@MikeDavis88) January 4, 2018

In the letter to Earnhardt, the jacket is described as “chic, debonair and functional," and the writers say "we hope you wear it to many public events.”

Matching pants did not make the package, but the team did make a $100 donation to the Dale Earnhardt Jr. Foundation.  

Maybe wear it to training camp this year, Dale?

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The Perfect Dale Earnhardt Jr. Retirement Gift? A New Redskins Blazer
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