The Meaning Behind Donald Trump's Too Long, Usually Red, Sometimes Scotch Taped Ties

Inevitably, a rigid look also means a stagnant one, destined to eventually fall out of fashion — much like fixed worldviews eventually ring a death knell for politicians unwilling to get with a changing electorate's program. Menswear of late is dominated by a skinnier tie and more slim-fitting suit than Trump chooses to wear. Most relatively stylish men of our era choose a four-in-hand knot to Trump's usually undimpled Windsor knot. And POTUS's penchant for allowing the edge of his tie to drag so low over his belt has simply never been the widely accepted, appropriate length at which to wear one. Even his choice of brands feels dusty. In his 2004 book

Think Like a Billionaire , he claims Brioni — the Italian brand that outfitted him with most of his boxy suits on

The Apprentice — and the nearly-200-year-old French luxury brand Hermès make "the best" ties.

Whether or not his own passes muster with fashion experts, Trump's hyperfocus on appearances was brought to the forefront in early February in a report by Axios. The article detailed his fixation on the way people in his administration dress. Trump was apparently incensed by Press Secretary Sean Spicer's ill-fitting suit at his first press conference and demands that female employees "dress like women." That particular detail quickly spawned a sarcastic hashtag, #dresslikeawoman, on social media.


Times 's Tschorn has paid special attention to Trump's own sartorial choices over the course of the campaign and election. In November, he publicly implored him to update his style in the pages of the paper. Key among his recommendations: that Trump ditch the "Donald dangle." So, what are Tschorn's thoughts about rampant speculation that Trump's overly long tie is meant to distract from his midsection? "I've heard that — and another theory that I've read, that is not my theory — is basically that it points to his . . . business," Tschorn said. "And it's not hard to make the leap that it's a focus-puller."

Patrick Grant, creative director of Savile Row-inspired fashion label E. Tautz, put his fashion analysis in even starker terms: "Trump's pendulous neckwear is deeply phallic. Worn with his Tony Soprano-cut suit, it shouts ultraconservative — with a hint of sexual menace."

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The Meaning Behind Donald Trump's Too-Long, Usually Red, Sometimes Scotch-Taped Ties
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