The Daily 202: Trump Is Setting Up Paul Ryan To Be His Fall Guy

President Donald Trump used his speech Friday to the annual Conservative Political Action Conference to re-emphasize his view that specially trained teachers, and other school staff should be armed to protect children from deranged mass-shooters.

'When we declare our schools to be gun-free zones it just puts our students in far more danger,' he said. 'Well-trained gun-adept teachers and coaches and people who work in those buildings' should be allowed to have 'concealed carry permits' for firearms.'

'They love their students! They don't want their students to be killed and to be hurt,' he said of 'patriots' who could become schools' first line of defense against crazed attackers.

Thousands leapt to their feet when Trump outlined a scenario in which an armed teacher might have met last week's Florida school shooter in the hallway – and 'would have shot the hell out of him before he knew what happened.'

As he left the White House for the event, the president told reporters that the National Rifle Association also 'wants to do the right thing.'

Trump also pledged: 'We're going to do something about it. We're going to make changes.'

But the freewheeling commander-in-chief took a casual approach to the podium, announcing at one point that he was going to 'go off-script a little bit,' because the alternative was 'a little boring.'

President Donald Trump wowed thousands of conservatives at their annual convention on Friday, doubling down on his latest gun-control pronouncements and announcing new sanctions against North Korea

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