The 5 Worst Things About My New Vegan Diet, 12 Days In

The Daily Meal's overeager copy editor is observing a vegan diet for January and detailing his successes and pratfalls here.

After practically turning my kitchen upside down to come up with a vegan New Year's Day dinner, I've managed to settle into something of a groove with regard to my new lifestyle. It probably helps that I've been talking about it incessantly, so the kind-hearted people around me have been trying to help out.

I don't actually tend to eat out very often - it's just not in the budget - but a friend offered to take me out to dinner the first Wednesday in January. One of the nice things about doing this experiment in New York City is that you can't throw a rock in this town without hitting a vegan restaurant.

A quick Yelp search for "vegan restaurant" and zero additional research yielded a plant-based spot nearby: Vspot in Park Slope, which serves vegan versions of pan-Latin favorites like empanadas, arepas, and burritos. Everything was pretty tasty. Maybe this isn't so hard!

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The 5 worst things about my new vegan diet, 12 days in
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