Terms Of Use Agreement And Privacy Policy Updates

As Zenefits prepares to launch Z2, the next version of our all-on-one platform for small businesses, and in keeping with Zenefits’ efforts to build and maintain trust with our customers and their employees, today we updated our >Terms of Use Agreement and our> Privacy Policy. Ensuring the security and privacy of our customers’ information is among our highest priorities. While our practices have not fundamentally changed, our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use are now improved. These updated documents form the foundation of our relationship with customers and users, and you should know when we change them and how.

Please read and familiarize yourself with the new terms.  Although our practices have not changed, I hope you find the updates both easier to understand and aligned with our core values of Operating with integrity and Putting the Customer First.  Highlights of the changes are below.

Our Privacy Policy now includes:

  • More specificity around how and why we collect and use your information when we provide the Zenefits Service to you;
  • Details about your options to access, correct and change your information, especially in the context of providing you Insurance Services; and,
  • More details about our data retention/deletion practices and when we share your information with third parties as part of delivering our Service.

Our Terms of Use Agreement now includes:

  • A more comprehensive description of the data you provide to us through the Zenefits Service, as well as more detailed confidentiality obligations relating to that data;
  • Additional context around the types of electronic notices that we can provide you through the Zenefits Service; and,
  • A more detailed description of the specific authorizations you provide to us so that we can better and more seamlessly provide the Service to you.

Of course, these are just the highlights. I hope you will take the time to review both documents. If you are a customer or are considering Zenefits and have questions about either the Privacy Policy or the Terms of Use Agreement, please let us know by emailing >privacy@zenefits.com or >zenelegal@zenefits.com.

Source : https://www.zenefits.com/blog/updated-zenefits-privacy-policy-terms-use-agreement/

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