Tens Of Thousands Protest Austria’s New Right Wing Government

Thousands of Austrians are protesting against their country's new right-wing government with a march in Vienna.

Police in the capital said about 20,000 people were attending the march today.

in the meanwhile in Vienna:

mass protest against #Austria's right-wing government pic.twitter.com/hoX3wZcJVD photo by @karin_links

— Nagashi (@dieNagashi) January 13, 2018

Some protesters carried placards reading "Never Again".

Others chanted slogans such as "Refugees should stay, drive out the Nazis".

The new governing coalition made up of the conservative Austrian People's Party and the nationalist Freedom Party has taken a hard line against migration.

#Austrians against #institutional #racism and extremism of the far right government, in #Vienna!

High participation of the #refugees and #migrants in the protest! pic.twitter.com/2KX1b6gBhB

— City Plaza Squat (@sol2refugees) January 13, 2018

- AP and Digital desk

Source : http://www.breakingnews.ie/world/tens-of-thousands-march-in-vienna-to-protest-austrias-right-wing-government-822645.html

Tens of thousands march in Vienna to protest Austria's right-wing government
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Tens of thousands protest Austria’s new right-wing government