Talk It Out: Is It A Good Idea To Allow Girls To Join The Boy Scouts?

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Talk it Out: Is it a good idea to allow girls to join the Boy Scouts?

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- The Boy Scouts will begin welcoming girls into their ranks, the organization announced Wednesday. 

"So how will it work? Families will be able to sign their girls up for Cub Scouts in 2018. Existing packs, or local groups of Boy Scouts, have several options,"'s Emily Bamforth writes. "The first is to create female dens, or single grade-level subgroups to the pack. The male and female dens would all meet at pack meetings. Another option is to create an all-female pack, made up of female dens." 

A pack can also choose to remain an all-male group. That would mean a separate female pack would have to be created.

So female Boy Scouts groups will look different across the country, depending on what local communities decide to do.

Girls will also get a chance to become Eagle Scouts in 2019. Participants must lead an extensive service project and meet several other requirements to receive the rank. 

Female Eagle Scouts will use the same curriculum used by Boy Scouts.

Is the move to allow girls to become Boy Scouts long overdue?

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Talk it Out: Is it a good idea to allow girls to join the Boy Scouts?
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