Syrian Rebels Threaten To Execute Iranians

"We gave the regime 48 hours starting yesterday to withdraw completely from the Eastern Ghuta area," Abul Wafa, commander of the rebels' Revolutionary Military Council in Damascus province, told AFP on Friday via the internet.

"We also have other secret, military demands. If the regime does not fulfil them, we will start finishing off the hostages," Abul Wafa said.

It is the second time the rebels have issued such a threat against the Iranian hostages.

On August 5, rebels posted a video of 48 Iranians kidnapped in Damascus, charging they were elite Revolutionary Guards.

The next day, a rebel group that claimed responsibility for the kidnapping said three of the men were killed in shelling by government troops.

Al-Baraa Brigade, which has since joined the Revolutionary Military Council of the rebel Free Syrian Army, announced on its Facebook page at the time it would "execute the prisoners who were proven members of the Revolutionary Guards if the shelling continues."

Tehran has appealed for help to secure the release of the hostages it says were visiting the Sayyida Zeinab shrine, a Shi'ite pilgrimage site on the southeastern outskirts of Damascus.

Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi has since said "retired" members of the Guards and army were among the hostages, the ISNA news agency reported, but denied they were on a military mission.

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Syrian rebels threaten to execute Iranians
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