Syrian Rebels Publicly Execute Soldiers [GRAPHIC VIDEO]

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Armed masked men raise their weapons and shoot three men sitting on the curb until their bodies lay bloodied and lifeless.

Another violent YouTube video has surfaced out of Syria, a country ravaged by a two-year civil conflict that has pit rebel fighters against government forces. The images, captured on amateur video, purportedly shows Islamist rebels carrying out

public execution of soldiers in ar-Raqqah city – a city declared under the control of rebel forces after they overran government loyalist in March 2013.  Syrian Observatory for Human Rights issued a report on the incident Tuesday.

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The video shows armed masked men standing in a street, one of them is reading a paper out loud. A crowd of onlookers can be seen surrounding them. The gunmen then shoot three men dead and the militants raise their weapons in celebration. A black jihadist flag can be seen hanging from the statue at the middle of the plaza. According to ABC news, the slain men were Alawites, a Muslim sect that President Bashar al-Assad and his forces belong to. Since Syria’s brutal civil war started, there have been innumerable videos of beheadings, executions and the aftermath of massacres. However, recently videos posted online have shown the deepened ethnic sectarianism never before seen in this conflict. In fact, there is a growing fear that sectarianism is now so deep-seated that Syria may never recover from it.

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The gruesome clips that have surfaced out of Syria’s conflict have shocked the international community. This video comes only days after The Human Rights Watch claimed that it has received a video that showed a commander of a rebel Syrian brigade mutilating and eating the corpse of an Alawite government fighter. With concerns about arming the rebels, attention is turning to greater humanitarian aid as a way to help in the increasingly violent war. U.S Secretary of State John Kerry and his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov have been discussing plans for an international peace conference aimed at reaching a diplomatic break-through in Syria.

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