Syria Crisis: G20 Summit September 5 As It Happened

23.30 Here is >our wrap of the story of the day

: John Kerry says the world must act after Assad's gas attack.

23.00 UN Secretary-General

Ban Ki-moon has told the five permanent Security Council members that it may be two weeks before for final results are ready of an analysis of samples experts collected at the site of a chemical weapons attack last week in Syria are ready.

22.45 Here's more from the

Syrian foreign ministry statement: “What the US administration describes as irrefutable evidence... is nothing but tired legends that the terrorists have been circulating for more than a week, with their share of lies and entirely fabricated stories."


The White House has released details of the most recent phone call between Mr Obama and Mr Cameron:

The President spoke with Prime Minister Cameron today as part of their continuing consultations on the Assad regime’s use of chemical weapons on August 21, which they agree is unacceptable and cannot be tolerated. As always, the United States values the special relationship with the United Kingdom, a close ally and friend. The President and Prime Minister agreed to continue to consult closely on Syria and the broad range of security challenges that our two countries face together.

22.30 Foreign Secretary William Hague tweets:

TwitterSpoke to Secretary Kerry. He thanked me for the UK's steadfast friendship. United on ending #Syria conflict and use of chemical weapons.

22.20 Now some reaction from Syria: the foreign ministry has said that accusations by US Secretary of State John Kerry that it has used chemical weapons were "lies and baseless."

The ministry said in a statement that Mr Kerry's claims were a "desperate attempt" to justify a military strike against Syria.

22.14 The French presidency has put out a new statement saying Francois Hollande and Barack Obama want to send the Syrian regime a "strong message" to condemn the alleged use of chemical weapons.

"Both heads of state agreed that the international community cannot tolerate the use of chemical weapons, that it should hold the Syrian regime accountable for it and send a strong message," the statement said.


The Sun has declared the death of the "special relationship" on its front page. Funeral to be held in France.


The Washington Post's London correspondent, Anthony Faiola, has asked how the "Churchillian spirit of a nation suddenly turned into a Chamberlain moment, appeasing a tyrant".

20.55 David Cameron says he has spoken to Barack Obama and that the two leaders had agreed that US-UK cooperation will continue, despite Britain's decision not to support military intervention in Syria.

Mr Cameron said that the US President emphasised his appreciation of the strong friendship between the two leaders and the "strength, durability and depth of the special relationship between our two countries".

"They agreed that their co-operation on international issues would continue in the future and both reiterated their determination to find a political solution to the Syrian conflict by bringing all sides together," a spokesman for Mr Cameron said in a statement.

That doesn't quite take the sting out of John Kerry's snub, though.

20.40 Tayyip Erdogan, the Prime Minister of Turkey, says any intervention in Syria should be aimed at ending Assad's rule. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Syria's rattled northern neighbour wants the US to go further in its use of force than envisaged by Washington, which has said that strikes would not be aimed at regime change but at deterring further use of chemical weapons.

20.18 In case you missed Obama's statement, watch it here on Telegraph TV:

19.38 The US has also released a map accompanying their intelligence assessment.

19.35 In brief remarks at the White House Barack Obama said Assad's use of chemical weapons threatened US interests and endangered its allies such as Israel and Jordan.

Claiming still to have made no final decision on whether to intervene, Mr Obama said he was considering a "limited narrow, act" and would continue consulting with Congress.

"This kind of offence is a challenge to the world," Mr Obama said.

He adds that the attacks threaten US national security.

19.10 If you missed John Kerry's statement, and fancy watching it, here are the best bits, captured by Telegraph TV.

18.51 Barack Obama is reportedly preparing to speak at

2.15pm EDT - or 7.15pm BST, according to ABC News.

18.49 If you want to read John Kerry's statement on Syria in full, as this blog only gave you an abridged version,

then you can find it here.

18.34 Raf Sanchez points out that the intelligence report makes no mention of Bashar al-Assad ordering the attack

18.28 If there was any doubt to how America feels about the Parliamentary vote in Britain last night, then John Kerry's words, or rather lack of them, say it all. Peter Foster says:

The extent of the damage to that relationship was most obvious by the glaring omission of Britain when John Kerry listed the countries prepared to act against Assad. France, by contrast, was referred to as "our oldest ally". Even by the standards of diplomatic code, it was a crushing omission.

18.26 On preparation for the attack, the US intelligence report says that chemical weapons personnel were in the Damascus suburb of Adra from August 18 until August 21.

On August 21, a Syrian regime element prepared for a chemical weapons attack in the Damascus area, including through the utilization of gas masks. Our intelligence sources in the Damascus area did not detect any indications in the days prior to the attack that opposition affiliates were planning to use chemical weapons.

18.24 Some takeaways from the US intelligence report, some oints of which were made by John Kerry.

A preliminary US government assessment determined that1,429 people were killed in the chemical weapons attack, including at least 426 children, though this assessment will certainly evolve as we obtain more information.

We assess with high confidence that the confidence that the Syrian government carried out the chemical weapons attack against opposition elements in the Damascus suburbs on August 21...

We assess that the scenario in which the opposition executed the attack on August 21 is highly unlikely.

18.17 John Kerry has wrapped up where he concludes by saying:

As he was talking, the US government

released its assessment of the Syrian Government's use of Chemical weapons which you can read below

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Syria conflict: as it happened
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