Steven Bourgoin, Ex Girlfriend Can Have Contact Via Phone

Steven Bourgoin is one step closer to being able to have contact with his young daughter.


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A Burlington court on Friday allowed Bourgoin to have phone conversations with his ex-girlfrend. They can only discuss topics concerning their daughter.

The ex-girlfriend is still not allowed to visit Bourgoin in prison, even for the sole purpose of child interaction.

The phone calls made between the two will be able to be reviewed by both the defense and prosecution.

“We did not want Ms. Lawrence going to the prison and having contact with Mr. Bourgoin. Mostly, because those conversations are not monitored," Chittenden County States Attorney Sarah George said. "So, as a middle ground, we agreed by stipulation today, that they could have contact by phone for the sole purpose for Mr. Bourgoin to have contact with his child."

Bourgoin’s daughter is allowed to visit him in prison but only if she is with a third party.

He is currently being held without bail after pleading not guilty to five counts of second-degree murder in connection with the fatal crash on I-89 last year.

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