Steve Harvey: Trump IS Keeping His Promises [Video] – Kevin Gates Bail Denied

*We’ve got news on eccentric rapper,

Kevn Gates, but first, >Steve Harvey

says that >Donald Trump

is living up to his word following the conversation the two had back in January.

Photographers caught up with Harvey while he was out in Beverly Hills, and he said he’s working with HUD and >Ben Carson

to get housing for underprivileged people.

You recall how Harvey explained that he met with #45 at Trump Tower to discuss urban issues, and Trump “immediately got (HUD secretary nominee at the time) Dr. Ben Carson on the phone to begin dialog in looking for programs and housing to help our inner cities.”

Harvey said that the president-elect (at the time) “seems very open to my mentoring efforts across the country.”

He added, “I walked away feeling like I had just talked with a man who genuinely wants to make a difference in this area. I feel that something really great could come out of this.”

When asked by the  TMZ pap if he’s happy with what Donald is doing in office, Steve laughed as if that’s a whole other story. Check out the video above.

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kevin gates

Rapper >Kevin Gates

will reportedly remain in Kendall County Jail in Yorkville, Ill. after being denied bail, reports >TMZ.

He was initially arrested in 2016 after kicking a female fan in the face during one of his shows in 2015. He was found guilty of misdemeanor battery, and served 180 days in jail.

Gates was set to be a free man last month but was held in jail on his release day after authorities discovered an outstanding weapons-related warrant. He had a bond hearing Wednesday (Apr. 19) in regards to that case, which he’s currently serving time for. However, a judge at the Bridgeview Courthouse denied his bail, so Gate will remain in jail until further notice.



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Steve Harvey: Trump IS Keeping His Promises [Video] – Kevin Gates Bail Denied
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Steve Harvey: Trump IS Keeping His Promises [Video] – Kevin Gates Bail Denied