Steve Harvey Claims Donald Trump Is Keeping His Word On Low Income Housing

Steve Harvey is about Steve Harvey. He has made no secret that his goal is to become a billionaire so, what better way to do that than to align yourself with one who happens to be the POTUS! Mr. Harvey has been getting over on people for years and will do whatever it takes to help himself. He was one of Trumps biggest critics on his radio show…anybody that’s listened to his show would know how much he opposed Trump, not just for becoming president but he opposed his ideals, ways of thinking and even who Trump aligned himself with…NOW he’s aligning HIMSELF with Trump…biggest sell-out ever. He’s taken advantage of women for years by passing himself off as some kind of relationship guru that the women totally fall for but men know full well he’s selling a bunch of bull. He’s taken advantage of desperate women to help sell books, movies and even seminars to make himself into a very rich man…the dude is all about getting paid…period!

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