Steve Harvey Speaks About Donald Trump And How He Is Doing As President.

Donald Trump and Steve Harvey (Photo: Drew Angerer, Getty Images)

Donald Trump and comedian Steve Harvey met Friday as part of the president-elect's plan to improve the inner cities, the host of Family Feud told reporters.

Harvey said he will work with Housing and Urban Development Secretary-designate Ben Carson and "see if we can bring about some positive change in the inner cities."

Trump appeared briefly before reporters to introduce his guest: "Here’s a good friend of ours ... everybody knows Steve Harvey. Is everybody having fun?"

Harvey, who also hosts a radio show, said Trump sounded sincere and that he agreed to meet with the president-elect because "the only way we're going to unify our country" is to talk with each other.

Harvey also practiced his profession, joking about the prospect of a Family Feud battle between the Trumps and Obamas.

That'd be good," Harvey said. "Or how 'bout the Clintons?"

Harvey also said his meeting with Trump is not a sign he is jumping into politics.

"I ain't gonna pass a background check," he said.

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