Soothing Post Holiday Sore Throats & Coughs With Ricola Dual Action Drops

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The holidays have come and gone and we had a truly enjoyable time! We were able to spend lots of time with all sides of our family here in Michigan and down in Cleveland as well. Our days were filled with delicious food, heartfelt gifts, and wonderful memories.

Puritas Nursery Train Display Family Tradition>With the holidays over we had grand plans to enjoy winter break with the kids doing all kinds of fun things – an Escape Room, taking a mini road trip, baking, inviting friends over, scheduling playdates for the kids, etc. Unfortunately, we all came down with a horrible head cold and not at the same time.

I figure all the running around prior to the holidays is a petri dish for all kinds of germs. Everyone and their brother is out shopping and trying to finish up those last minute errands no matter how they feel. We do a lot to keep our immunity up this time of year but sometimes we aren’t successful. In fact, this year my mom was feeling really awful when we celebrated Christmas with my side of the family. So much so she sent us all home after lunch so she could go to bed.

In Cleveland, we had a relative not come to Christmas because he wasn’t feeling well. Between the holiday shopping and errands, the colds going around at all the Christmas celebrations, it wasn’t long before we were next.

Dave and I have been under the weather but are finally on the upswing. Since this cold came along with sore throats and coughs, I was happy that we had >Ricola Dual Action Drops

on hand.

Ricola Dual Action Drops>They are a multi-symptom cough drop that provides relief for coughs and sore throats – all in one drop.

The Ricola Dual Action Drops combine a unique blend of ten natural Swiss alpine herbs, natural menthol and a soothing syrup center for fast relief.

Ricola>When my throat was terrible, I used the Ricola Dual Action Drops and was thrilled with how they made my throat feel so much better so quickly. I kept the bag of drops nearby and whenever my throat bothered me I would pop one in my mouth and was happy to be able to swallow without pain again.

The drops come in two different flavors:

  • Swiss Cherry
  • Honey Lemon

Ricola Dual Action>This post holiday season I will be keeping the >Ricola Dual Action Drops

on hand in case we get struck by recurring sore throats and coughs again. I recommend them to anyone looking for a fast way to relieve sore throat pain and coughs and to get back into the swing of things after the holidays.


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Soothing Post Holiday Sore Throats & Coughs With Ricola Dual Action Drops
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