Should America Elect A Polytheist Who Claims To Be Christian?

How interesting to return to this page so many months after the election that determined that Mr Obama would be returned as President and that the woeful Mitt Romney would miss his chance.  Its enough to make this Atheist shout Hallelujah! As a non American what concerns me more these days is the way your legislators do not seem to realize how their bickering in the Congress over your government’s finances actually has worldwide implications.

As for both the Catholic and Mormon contributors I have read I think you are all clearly deluded to believe that you are “following” Jesus. I read a quote recently by Albert Einstein: “Common-sense is the list of prejudices we possess by the time we are eighteen”.  This principal is fairly obviously demonstrated throughout this debate.  Catholics uncritically proclaim the beliefs of their church.  Likewise Mormons.  Far from following Jesus, they are the followers of Popes or in the Mormon case Joseph Smith.  I recognize myself in this blindness before I saw the light of reason and Atheism, and had my own Damascus Road event where scales fell from my eyes so to speak. I was born into and raised in a so called Christian fellowship who also believed that they were followers of Jesus Christ and had the perfect truth as he had taught.  They were called “Exclusive Brethren” and they in reality were followers and disciples of their founder, the 19th Century preacher John Nelson Darby. 

Now the current Pope seems to be quite a good bloke but he’s still a Pope and for me that’s the problem. I think Popes cardinals, bishops, gurus, prophets etc are all just a pain in the proverbial.  Now I’ve read the Bible from cover too cover several times.  I did not even skip over all the “begats” of early Genesis. Quite frankly I cannot see any support for any of the things that people believe.  Especially in the words attributed to Jesus in the Gospels I cannot see any support for the entire notion of clergy, purgatory, beatification or any of the other queer beliefs that people subscribe to.  I noticed some contributor claiming that “Jesus founded the Catholic Church”.  I don’t see any support for that idea in the gospel accounts and they are the only record there allegedly is of his life.  It just demonstrates the prejudices Einstein referred to.  I worked alongside a Sebian Orthodox Christian for a time who insisted that his church was the original church founded at least by Paul if not Christ.  In an historical sense I think you are all wrong.  There is not a denomination in existence today that can fairly claim to be the Church founded by Jesus.  That is a historical fact.  And the bible is not a book it is a collection of 66 books.  The selection of these was not “declared from heaven” but done by men.  Most people who have complete trust in the selection could not name a single person involved in it.  Talk about faith in fresh air.  At least I should grudgingly respect the Mormon who knows that his entire “Book of Mormon” is attributable to the one person “Joseph Smith”.  I have dismay for Mormons for other reasons.  The Joseph Smith story is so demonstrably a “Con”.  Here’s this bloke known for having strange occult ideas.  A fellow known to go about the locality with a stone in the bottom of a hat which he says tells him where buried treasure is.  Lo and behold this fellow finds gold plates.  No one else ever sees them. Yes check it out, I am right.  The claim is that he can magically decipher these and translate them however he speaks the words out to a scribe or scribes whilst screened from their sight.  Evidently this was for their safety.  The ability to decipher was afforded by two stones found with the plates said to be the Urim and Thumin spoken of in Leviticus that were once placed in Aaron’s breastplate.  Now its this sort of convenient cross referencing to obscure biblical detail that identify a con. likewise the final settling of biblical conundrums such as “baptism for the dead” spoken of in one epistle.  Now the nineteenth century American prophet strangely translated his plates not into his own dialect but into the dialect of 16th Century England - King James English.  An obvious attempt to make the book resemble the bible by a clever conman who failed to realize that truly intelligent people would detect this obvious contrivance.  Then there is Smith’s story about a Planet Kolob where “each day is equal to a thousand earth years”.  This is where God comes from evidently and this conveniently makes literal the biblical statement that “a thousand years is as one day in God’s sight”.  This is why generally Mormons are most successful converting the ignorant and uneducated.  In my country, New Zealand, the indigenous people, the Maori, have fallen for the con. Tragically these people lag in every social indicator including educational attainment.

I also read above some comments about “Protestants” that show how abysmally prejudiced and woefully misinformed about historical facts many Catholics are.  I have the same message for Mormons, Catholics, Protestants, Muslims and all like god-botherers. GET REAL!

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