Shooting In Paris Sparks New Fears


Breaking: Reports say three people have been shot outside of Paris. Courtesy: 9 News
  • May 15th 2017
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Reports are emerging of a shooting in the southeast of Paris, with several people injured..

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REPORTS are emerging that at least three people have been shot on the outskirts of Paris, with unconfirmed reports of one fatality.

Details are still unclear but European news outlets say shots rang out in a crowd in Dammarie-les-Lys, in the Plaine du Lys neighbourhood.

Some 40 “young people” had gathered in a town square in the city’s southeast but it’s not clear why, French website La République 77 reported.

Dammarie-les-Lys is said to have a recent history of civil unrest and clashes between locals and authorities.

Police are at the scene, according to the Daily Star.

However the quiet enclave was only recently given a dedicated police presence, the outlet reports.

It comes on the day that France’s new president Emmanuel Macron was inaugurated.

The country remains in a declared state of emergency, following a series of terrorist attacks in the past few years.

It’s not known if the shooting is related to terrorism.

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Shooting in Paris sparks new fears
Mass shooting in France leaves 3 injured, sparks fears of terror attack
Shooting in Paris sparks new terror fears