Shocker! Roy Moore Gets 40 Times More Coverage Than Bob Menendez

The upcoming weekend in sports is without question one of the more unique times of year. The NCAA Final Four gets underway on Saturday, and just two days before that marks Opening Day for the 2011 MLB season. One marks a beginning, the other an end.

As fans breathlessly anticipate the blessed events, we at Bleacher Report thought that we would combine aspects of both events. In effect, we will look at the best of best in the history of Major League Baseball and match them up in order to see who would advance to a fantasy “Final Four” in baseball.

While fans of Kentucky, UConn, VCU and Butler await the fate of their college basketball teams, we will throw some fantasy fuel to the fire by determining just exactly which historical teams would advance in MLB’s Final Four.

We will start with eight teams: four from the American League and four from the National League. Sort of like an Elite Eight, if you will.

We will then match them up in regional finals, to see which teams will qualify for the MLB Final Four.

While there is no doubt that many will be passionate in their arguments as to who is the best of the best, we invite your participation and passionate discourse, but keep in mind, it’s only a fantasy.

So, without further adieu, here are the top four historical teams from the AL and NL, and our predictions as to who advances to the MLB Final Four.

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