Sheryl Sandberg Says Facebook Will Give Investigators Russian Ad Targeting Data

During an in-depth conversation with Axios co-founder Mike Allen, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg took some responsibility for Facebook’s role in facilitating Russian misinformation, and pledged to include ad targeting information as part of the company’s disclosures on political interference in the 2016 presidential election.

Saying that the company owes Americans “not just” an apology but continued “determination,” Sandberg also admitted, “Things happened on our platform that should not have happened.”

The discussion centered on the continuing scandal over Russian-linked propaganda ads on the company’s platform. Yesterday, House lawmakers investigating the ads said, after a meeting with Sandberg, that they would release the ads to the public. Sandberg said that all of the ads provided to investigators should “absolutely” be released to the public, and added that targeting information — data on who those ads were shown to — would also be provided.

Notably, however, that information came in response to a question Sandberg declined to directly answer multiple times: was there overlap between the Trump campaign’s ad targeting and Russia’s?

Sandberg is asked about releasing ads from Russia and the Trump campaign

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