Sen. Ron Johnson: Hillary Clinton 'disqualified Herself' From Presidency

The GOP/t-party/radical evangelicals have worked endlessly to embellish things into 'scandals' to shore up their pathetic 'anti-family', racist, anti-woman, pro-corporate goals. I'm not saying that things could have been differently by Hillary with the e-mails, however, when are you going to acknowledge the thousands of e-mails that the Cheney/Bush administration deleted to protect their a###? The amount of taxpayer money thrown at Hillary to denigrate her is deplorable. Hillary has accomplished much good for our country in contrast to the paltry efforts of Johnson. Johnson has nothing but negative rhetoric and NO ACCOMPLISHMENTS. He is a puppet of the t-party/Koch brothers and works to defend the fossil fuel industry which is dying. Also, you obviously are one more 'white male' that does not understand abortion and its place in women's health care nor the workings of Planned Parenthood. Government has NO RIGHT to dictate health decisions of anyone! Yet, the GOP hardliners think they know better - REALLY? Another thing, how would you feel about trump accosting YOUR MOTHER, SISTER, DAUGHTER or anyone else that you love? Yet you support Johnson who thinks trump is just great - REALLY, is that your highest bar for president? Yikes! Johnson has not business taking up space in Washington when we need passionate, hardworking Senator Feingold back in the Senate working FOR Wisconsin CITIZENS - as opposed to sucking up to the fossil industry/Koch's.

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Sen. Ron Johnson: Hillary Clinton 'disqualified herself' from presidency
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