Russia Launches Counter Attack On May Branding Her Claim They Used Fake News To 'sow Discord' Unfounded And Tweeting Bizarre Message Telling Her 'we Know What You Are Doing'

Russia today launched a counter-attack on Theresa May branding her claims they spread fake news and interfered in elections 'irresponsible and unfounded'.

The PM last night launched her most hard-hitting attack on Moscow yet, accusing President Vladimir Putin's regime was trying to 'sow discord in the West'. 

She said Russia was waging a 'campaign of cyber espionage and disruption', including hacking the German parliament and the Danish defence ministry.

And in a direct message to the Kremlin, the Prime Minister warned: 'We know what you are doing. And you will not succeed.' 

But today Russia scrambled to hit back the the PM by saying the comments were a bid to distract attention from her poll ratings.

And the official Twitter account of the Russian ministry of foreign affairs published a bizarre message showing Mrs May taking a sip of red wine at last night's banquet.

They added the message: 'UK Prime Minister May on Russia: 'We know what you are doing.' We know what YOU are doing as well. Dear Theresa, we hope, one day you will try Crimean Massandra red wine.'  

Mrs May launched a scathing attack on Russia and its use of fake news to 'sow discourse in the West' at the Lord Mayor's banquet last night 

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Russia launches counter attack on May branding her claim they used fake news to 'sow discord' unfounded and tweeting bizarre message telling her 'we know what you are doing'