Russia Just Claimed 2 Big Victories After Its Bases In Syria Were Repeatedly Attacked

Screenshot of the video of the supposed Russian strike.
Screenshot/YouTube via Russian MoD

  • The Russian Ministry of Defense claims to have killed the terrorists that attacked their bases in Syria.

  • The Russian MoD also claimed to have taken out a depot where UAVs were assembled and destroyed.

  • The Russian MoD also released videos of the supposed strikes.

The Russian Ministry of Defense claimed on Friday to have killed the "terrorists" that mortared its Hmeymim air base in Syria on December 31, which killed two airmen and reportedly destroyed 7 jets.

"During the final stage of the operation a Russian Special Operations unit located the base camp of the militant saboteur group near the western border of Idlib province," the MoD said, according to RT. "As the terrorists arrived at the location, the entire group was eliminated with a high-precision 'Krasnopol' weapon as they were about to board a minibus."

The defense ministry released a video of the strike:

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Russia just claimed 2 big victories after its bases in Syria were repeatedly attacked
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Russia just claimed 2 big victories after its bases in Syria were repeatedly attacked