Reward: Famous Cats, Thought Lost In Blaze, May Have Survived

FARMINGTON HILLS, MI – There's hope, after all. The owners of three cats, two of which are in the Guinness Book of World Records, believe the felines may have survived a fire that destroyed their home last weekend. And, owner Will Powers is offering $25,000 for the cats' return.

Meanwhile, a cat hunt is underway in this Detroit suburb. Live traps are being placed in the neighborhood of Powers' home, said Oakland County Animal Control Supervisor Ron Shankin on Wednesday. Additionally, flyers have been posted and residents are asked to look out for the cats.

Powers posted to Facebook on Tuesday night that someone had contacted him that "a 'beast' of a cat was spotted near 11 Mile and Farmington." The "beast" refers to Arcturus, the world's tallest cat at 20 inches tall, according to Guinness. The other famous cat in the house was Cygnus, the record-holder for the longest tail, at 17.5 inches.

Arcturus, Cygnus and Sirius, Powers' third cat, were thought to have perished in a fire at the Quaker Valley Lane home of Powers and his wife, Lauren, on Sunday. In addition to the Powers' three cats, Yuki, a cat belonging to a friend of theirs, also was in the home.

Will Powers earlier this week said he and Lauren were able to escape the fire, but could not round up the cats. He said he left doors open for their escape and hoped they found their way out. In social media posts, he shared his story and had asked that if anyone saw the cats, that they would please contact him.

And, indeed, he got word on Tuesday of just that.

Arcturus "may have survived the fire," Powers wrote on Facebook. "He likely still has his collar on, he is wearing a TILE tracker. If you install the app and come within 300 feet I get an alert with his GPS location. The app is free."

And, now the search is on. On Wednesday morning, with daylight, a formal search with animal control will begin, Powers wrote.

"Arcturus is likely dehydrated and terrified," Powers wrote. "Do not chase him if he is spotted. Contact me via this post asap."

And, yes, Powers is willing to put up the $25,000 reward, to be paid in Bitcoin.

"I've been saving my bitcoin for years, and nows the time to use it."

Here is the Facebook post, which includes pictures of the Powers' cats.

Watch Now: Famous Cats May Have Survived Fire, Reward Offered

File photo of Cygnus by the Associated Press

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