Residents Banned From ���Commentary Regarding Islam Or Muslims��� During Town���s Mosque Hearing

I am local and its worthy to note that i am raising my children in the house that my great-grandfather built-- so let me start off by saying i have long-established roots in this area. Secondly, i did live in the Lake Luzerne region for nearly ten years of my life so i understand how its a small community without a lot of exposure to actual diversity, and which wrestles with small-town rumor mills and perhaps a deep-seated distrust of lifestyles outside of what is considered the 'norm' for Lake Luzerne. However, miscommunication and fear can bring out the worst in people. Muslims already live in your community. We go about our daily lives, much like you do and there is no reason to fear or hate us or our children. In all actuality, i am never met with hatred, nor do i treat others with hatred. There aren't a lot of year-round residents in this area who are Muslim and i think it would be interesting for the paper to ask US what we think... afterall, we are already your neighbors, right?

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