Quincy Firefighter Honored In Super Bowl Ad For Saving Life

LT. Jack Ray of the Quincy Fire Department got his moment in the national spotlight as part of a 60-second Verizon commercial honoring first responders during Sunday's Super Bowl telecast.

The telephone company correctly pointed out that first responders "don't always get the thanks they deserve." In order to remedy that situation the company's advertisement reunited several people who had been rescued with the people who had come to their aid.

And by extension, they wanted to honor all emergency responders.

Ray, a veteran firefighter, was singled out for helping rescue Cedricka Carver from a second-floor window while smoke poured out of an apartment building in the 600 block of State Street on Dec. 19, 2012. A photograph that appeared on the front page of The Herald-Whig was used in the advertisement.

Carver, who now lives in Joliet, told Ray in a prearranged telephone conversation featured in the commercial that she has since earned a master's degree and is working on a doctorate degree while raising her 4-year-old daughter.

Carver was pregnant with the girl when the rescue happened, although Ray did not know that at the time.

"For a quick second during the fire I honestly thought, like, OK, I'm not getting out of this,' " Carver said.

In another video Carver's voice breaks as she becomes emotional during her conversation with Ray. "I could see it in your face that he's not giving up for me, he's not giving up for me' and I appreciate that."

Although it was not a recognition he had sought, Ray enjoyed the telephone conversation with Carver. He also was quick to credit the rest of the Quincy Fire Department "team" that was at the scene.

"It was kind of a neat opportunity to hear back from someone we actually helped," Ray told The Herald-Whig.

After the TV commercial aired, Ray was deluged with phone calls, text messages and notes of congratulations.

Videos from of a series of "Answering the Call" commercials can still be found on YouTube.

First responders have some of the most important jobs in America. Their jobs also can be dangerous.

Heroic efforts are worth remembering, and emergency personnel who answer the call every day deserve recognition.

Source : http://www.whig.com/20180208/quincy-firefighter-honored-in-super-bowl-ad-for-saving-life

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