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When we use the term "Personal Information" we mean information that you provide us that identifies you or would allow someone to contact you, such as your full name, postal address, email address or telephone number. When we use the term “Other Information”, we mean any information other than Personal Information that may be collected about you, including, but not limited to, Device and advertising identifiers and information collected through cookies or other Tracking Technologies or Identifiers (as those terms are defined below). Any Personal Information that is modified to remove your contact information and other information that identifies you or that is replaced with information that no longer identifies you or allows someone to contact you (for example, hashed email addresses or usernames) shall not be treated as Personal Information but shall be treated as Other Information after such modification. (Personal Information and Other Information shall be referred to, together, as “Information”.)

3.1 Information We Collect that You Provide Us.

3.1.1 User Registration; Third Party Social Media Network Sign-On. If we offer user registration on the Site, to register as a member of the Site, there may be a few options for you to register: Site Registration (as described below) and Third Party Social Media Network Sign-On (as described below). In each case, you are required to either use a pre- existing user name and password (together, your “User ID”) or select a new User ID. Site Registration . For Site registration, you are required to select a User ID and may be required to also provide other Information, such as your email address and date of birth. Additional Information may be requested and/or required during the registration process. After you have registered for the Site under Site Registration, we may recognize you when you visit certain other VII websites, applications or other interactive services across Devices (such as when you login). Third Party Social Media Network Sign-On . We may provide you with the ability to sign on to the Site by using third party social media network credentials (“SMN”). If you choose to sign-in through an SMN, you may be required to provide us with all or some of the Information required in the Site’s registration form and your use of the Site shall be governed by the applicable SMN’s privacy policy and user agreements as well as this Privacy Policy and the Site’s Terms of Use Agreement Please note that the SMN may set additional or different requirements for membership than those set for the Site, such as minimum age. We, and VII, are not responsible for the use of any such SMN, or for the accuracy, use or misuse of any information that you may disclose to or receive from an SMN or other third party in connection with such use. If you use an SMN to sign-in, we may receive certain information from such SMN and our use of your Information we receive from any SMN is governed by the relevant policies of any such SMN and any permissions you give us regarding your Information, including, but not limited to, those set forth in this Privacy Policy. If you have questions about whether a particular feature, function or service of the Site is powered by a third party, you may contact us with your question as provided in Section 12.2 (Questions) below.

Also note that, for your online privacy and security, if other people have access to your Device, we recommend you log out of your account after visiting any of the websites, applications or other interactive services that are associated with your account.

3.1.2 In Connection with Certain Features and Functions . We may also provide you with access to certain features or functions that we may offer on the Site, such as the option to participate in commenting, shopping and member profile pages. To sign up for or participate in these features or functions, you may be required to provide us with certain Information about you in order for us to personalize and/or allow you to use such features and functions. For example, if we offer e-Commerce services on this Site, if you order any of our goods or services through such services, in addition to your name and contact information, we (or our operational service providers that we use to provide the e-Commerce service) may also collect and/or maintain your billing address, shipping address, selections, credit card or other payment instrument information, order number and information about your computer's internet address and website which may have referred or directed you to the Site (e.g., the referring URL).

The Site may also provide features, functions and/or services powered by an SMN or other third party. For example, Information may be disclosed to an SMN through plug-ins offered by such SMN (such as Likes, Shares or commenting). Please take care when using any SMN or other third party service and familiarize yourself with the SMN’s or other third party’s policies and agreements, if any, that govern such use.

3.1.3 In Connection with Promotions such as Contests and Sweepstakes. There may be a separate registration process to enter Promotions (as defined in the Site’s Terms of Use Agreement such as contests and sweepstakes which may require the submission of all or some of the following: your first and last name, street address, city, state and zip code, email address, telephone number and date of birth. Additional Information may be requested depending on the specific Promotion. The Promotion’s entry page and/or Rules shall provide the specific requirements. You may also have the opportunity to opt-in to receive special Promotions or offers from our third party advertisers, sponsors or promotional partners (“Advertisers”) as a result of your use of the Site in connection with these Promotions.

3.2 Information Collected Through Use of Cookies and Other Tracking Technologies. The Site and/or third parties may use “cookies”, “web beacons”, Flash local shared objects and other similar tracking technologies (collectively, “Tracking Technologies”) to collect Other Information automatically as you browse the Site and the web. "Cookies" are typically html or browser-based text or other files (and often referred to as browser cookies) that help store information, user preferences and/or user activity. “Web beacons” (also known as image tags, gif, tracking pixels or web bugs) are small pieces of code used to collect data, such as counting page views, promotion views or advertising responses. Flash local shared objects (“LSOs”) (sometimes known as Flash cookies and used if Adobe Flash is used) are text or other files that help store user preferences and/or activity.

These Tracking Technologies collect “click stream” data and additional Other Information regarding your visits to the Site (such as your visits to the Site’s webpages, type of browser use, type of operating system used, date and time of viewing, use of our features and purchasing history or preferences) or other websites, applications or interactive services. Through these Tracking Technologies, we may collect such Other Information across multiple sessions on this Site and other websites, applications or other interactive services and may also collect or access your IP address (which is automatically assigned to any Device(s) and/or Device and Internet browser combination you use to access the Site) and/or set or access some other identifier unique to the Device(s), Device platform and/or Device-Internet browser combination you use to access the Site (“Identifier”). For example, we may set a unique alphanumeric Identifier unique to your home computer on Firefox, or access an Identifier provided by a mobile platform, such as the application or advertising Identifiers offered by Apple. Your Personal Information is not collected as part of this process but we may combine any or all of the Other Information we collect using Tracking Technologies and associate it and/or Identifiers with your Personal Information (such as your User ID) and/or with other non-personally identifiable unique identifiers assigned by VII or third parties.

3.2.1 The Site’s Use of Tracking Technologies to Collect Information

By visiting the Site, whether as a registered user or otherwise, you acknowledge and understand that you are giving us your consent to track your activities and your use of the Site and other websites, applications or interactive services through these Tracking Technologies and that we may use Tracking Technologies in the emails we send to you. See Your Choices section below for more information on how you can withdraw your consent for certain purposes.

We use Tracking Technologies to enable us to collect and then use Information as described in Section 4.2 “Other Information Collected by Us” under

How Is Collected Information Used ” below. For example, we use Tracking Technologies to prevent you from seeing the same advertisements too many times or seeing advertisements too frequently, to tailor your experience on the Site by delivering relevant personalized advertising, email marketing and other content and to record if you have opted out of receiving personalized advertising from us.

3.2.2 Third Parties’ Use of Tracking Technologies to Collect Information

This Site may additionally use a variety of third party advertising networks, data exchanges, data management platforms, supply side platforms, ad exchanges, traffic or audience measurement service providers, marketing analytics service providers and other third parties (collectively, “Third Party Service Providers”) to, for example, facilitate personalized advertisements (““Customized Advertising””) and/or other content, serve advertisements on the Site and/or measure and analyze advertising or content effectiveness and/or traffic on the Site. Customized Advertising enable us to, among other things, help deliver advertisements to you for products and services that you might be interested in based on your visits to the Site and other websites, applications or other interactive services you have visited. Third Party Service Providers, as well as Advertisers and other third parties, may themselves set and access their own Tracking Technologies on your Device subject to your choices about those Tracking Technologies (see

Tracking Technologies set by Third Party Service Providers and Advertisers section below and

“ “More Information on Managing Tracking Technologies section below) and/or they may otherwise collect or have access to Information about you and your online activities over time and across different websites when you use the Site.

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