Police Departments Struggle To Recruit Enough Officers

By PoliceOne Staff

CHICAGO — Police sent to stop a street party struggled to shut it down because it was so out of control. 

Alderman Walter Burnett Jr. told DNA Info that the 25 squad cars sent to the 1000-person gang party Sunday weren’t enough and police were outnumbered. 

"It's not just an inconvenience, it's very dangerous," Burnett said. "When you have that many people drinking, getting high, anything can happen." 

Neighbors living near the area have asked police and politicians for years to break up the gang parties, but said this weekend’s party was worse than the others. 

"You had people who were boozing hardcore and were jacked up on drugs. By the time cops showed up it was just so far gone," a neighbor told DNA Info.

Another neighbor witnessed a fight break out on her lawn. She said she called 911 after five people stomped on a woman.

Multiple shootings were reported only blocks away, but police couldn’t confirm if the party and shootings were related. The police department did confirm that officers were sent to the scene, but didn’t say if there were any arrests. 

According to the publication, the warm weather has brought people to Touhy-Herbert Park and the crowds have grown larger for the annual party that happens after a Father’s Day barbecue. 

Organizers said permits are always issued for the barbeque. But after the sun sets and families leave the park, people come to party. A “gang-truce” in the area draws more people to the park.

The city has a plan to convert streets near the park to a permit-only parking area, allowing police to tow and ticket cars that don’t have resident stickers. The signs haven’t been installed yet, but police believe it could be a valuable tool to block partiers.


Source : https://www.policeone.com/Crowd-Control/articles/374387006-Videos-Chicago-police-struggle-to-stop-1000-person-gang-party/

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