Paris Shooting Could Influence Voters On Eve Of Election — But Not Necessarily For Right Wing Candidates

As the candidates vowed to suspend campaign events to honor the fallen officer, analysts were quick to say that the shooting, in a country that has suffered a string of devastating terrorist attacks in the past two years, was particularly advantageous for the right-wing, anti-immigrant presidential contenders — especially Marine Le Pen, the leader of the National Front who has been sharply critical of “Islamist terrorism” for weeks.

Despite a promise not to campaign, Le Pen spoke on Friday morning, calling on the French government to immediately reinstate border checks and expel foreigners being monitored by the intelligence services.

“My government of national unity will implement this policy, so that the Republic will live, and that France will live,” she said in an impromptu news conference.

President Trump, in a Twitter post early Friday, predicted the Paris shootings will have a significant influence on the French election. He did not cite the possible fallout on the vote, but supporters of Le Pen have raised many of the same anti-immigrant and security issues that were pushed by Trump.

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