Paris Shooting Could Influence Voters On Eve Of Election — But Not Necessarily For Right Wing Candidates

Millions have cast their vote today in glorious weather which experts say will boost turnout to 75% in some areas

  • Traditionally, good weather is thought to be a boost for Labour, but other analysts say it could also help the Tories 



  • Quarter of voters say they are still not sure who to vote for and may change their mind before polls close at 10pm

  • David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg all voted in their constituencies alongside their wives this morning 

  • Most recent election poll puts Conservatives just a point ahead of Labour, with UKIP and Liberal Democrats behind

  • 52% of voters would prefer Mr Cameron to continue in Downing Street, with 31% favouring Mr Miliband, polls say

  • By James Chapman Political Editor For The Daily Mail and Martin Robinson and Jenny Awford for MailOnline

    Published: 02:31 EST, 7 May 2015 | Updated: 18:07 EST, 7 May 2015


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    Could spring sunshine swing the election? Glorious weather boosts turnout to 75% in some areas as millions cast their votes in most unpredictable poll for a generation
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